Catching your man/woman cheating is one of the worst feelings on the planet. A big ass jolt to the system, right? All I remember seeing is red when I caught my ex up. However, I never took into account how shocked he must’ve felt getting caught doing dirt. Young @ud!o’s latest single off his EP ‘A Good Man‘, “No Such Thing” maps out why cheaters continue to cheat, the reality of being caught and the mindset of the ones who keep holding on.

“No Such Thing” is a testament to Young @udio’s musicianship as a singer, writer, and producer. The use of live bass, guitar, and pulsating drum patterns complement his sexy, smooth as silk voice, taking you to a zone where the music enters your body and every breath you take embodies the rhythm.

Every ounce of this song touches your soul, forcing you to self-reflect on the times you didn’t leave when you probably should have. Check out his YouTube channel 808Dreams and tune in to his short film/visual for “No Such Thing.” You won’t be disappointed.


Directed by: Paulo L. Silva & Oraldo Austin


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