First off, we want to wish you a Happy 2018! May the year be filled with a lot of dope music and moments! What we have been looking forward to every year for a few years is the “Rap Up” series from Virginia Rapper, Skillz. In more recent years, Brooklyn’s Uncle Murda unleashed his own version to compete with Skillz. Today, we’re proud to present both Uncle Murda and Skillz’s own take on the happenings of 2017 with “Rap Up 2017” and “2017 Rap Up”! With Murda using production from Myles William and Mister Neek, and Skillz hopping on 50 Cent’s “Big Rich Town” (a.k.a. the “Power” Theme) beat, they both recapped the happenings of last year. Get something to drink, kick back, and check out the Rap Ups!

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