Portland’s Tre Redeau makes his introduction to the Hype Off Life fam with the brand new, Brandon Dean-produced single, “Beef Plates.” One of PDX’s best-kept secrets, Redeau has recently toured with King Chip and collaborated with Dizzy Wright.

his latest drop, “Beef Plates” is jazzy, uptempo groove that finds Tre experimenting with melody and a high-speed flow. “You want beef? I got plates,” is Redeau’s version of, if you need it I got. Laced with a nostalgic “Boyz N the Hood” clip, Tre’s “Beef Plates” has a golden era vibe of the 90’s, while at the same time adding a 2017 approach to everything from the artwork to the production.

Tap in with Tre on Twitter @iamTreRedeau and be sure to check out some of his past music videos including Doja featuring Dizzy Wright & Blossom, as well “The Anthem” featuring Myke Bogan and Manny Monday.


You want beef. I got plates.
Tre Redeau




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