This week we caught up with LA native, TeeCee4800 to chop it up about growing up in the same neck of the woods Tupac repped so hard, being inspired to become a rapper and his new mixtape, ‘Realness Over Millions 2.’ Aside from his down to Earth demeanor, TeeCee4800’s thoughtfulness and relatablity made for an easy going, as well as interesting encounter. He’s definitely somebody to keep on your radar. So, get to know the new sound of the West by catching the full interview below. And be sure to stick around ’til the end to catch the stream for ‘Realness Over Millions 2,’ which features guest appearances from OGs like E-40 to other WestCoast heavy hitters, like YG, G Perico and TeeCee’s big cousin, Ty Dolla $ign. 👊🏽




WestCoast Keish: Thanks for coming thru… What’s been new since you dropped ‘Realness Over Millions‘ in 2015 ?

TeeCee4800: A lot’s been new. Me as an individual, just growing. Meeting more people and you know, just evolving.


WestCoast Keish: What inspired you to get into rapping in 2009, almost 10 years ago?

TeeCee4800: Yep ’bout 2009, 2008. When we first did “Toot It and Boot It.”


WestCoast Keish: What inspired you to know that’s your calling, that you’re supposed to be doing music?

TeeCee4800: Yeah, ’cause I wasn’t a rapper at the time and I did the song and the song blew up so much and I got so much recognition, I just took advantage of it and bought all my studio equipment and became a rapper.


WestCoast Keish: Oh yeah, I remember when that dropped. It was like on the radio, everywhere.

TeeCee4800: Yeah, it was crazy.


WestCoast Keish: Yeah, I would take advantage of that too. Most of what you do is storytelling. Who did you grow up on that inspires your storytelling the most?

TeeCee4800: Nobody really inspired my storytelling. That’s just something I always liked to do, just as being me. But, me growing up, I just loved Tupac the most. You know, that’s all I used to listen to a lot of Tupac.


WestCoast Keish: What’s your favorite Tupac album?

TeeCee4800: All of them. All Eyez On Me. Sh*t, Makaveli. All of them.





WestCoast Keish: How did it feel like to grow up watching videos like “To Live & Die in L.A.,” where he shot it on Crenshaw and the mall, like all around town. How’d that make you feel?

TeeCee4800: Crazy, like when I was a kid it was like I’ve been there, I was right there. So it was just like that’s why I liked it so much because it’s like everywhere he shot it, I’ve been. To Roscoe’s on the East Side, Crenshaw mall, all that that. [Laughs]


WestCoast Keish: [Laughs] Yeah, I felt the same way. How does it feel seeing people you grew up with like your cousin, Ty Dolla $ign blow up and finally get the shine they deserve?

TeeCee4800: It feels good. It’s just like dang, I was there from the start. Like I seen the growth. So, it feels real good to see anybody I know blow up. It like, I gotta get it too now. So, we can all be at the same level.


WestCoast Keish: How does it feel to know you’re next up?

TeeCee4800: It feels good. I mean, I’m still working, I’m still taking everything with a grain of salt. It feels good, I just gotta get there first, you know.


WestCoast Keish: Yeah, I feel you. Your new project, ‘Realness Over Millions 2’ is set to put the West Coast even further on the map. What was the creative process behind creating that project?

TeeCee4800: Realness 2 dropping October 20th! But yeah, the creative process… I actually changed it up on this mixtape. I usually write a lot of my raps and then go in the booth. This one, I just start going bar for bar in the booth. And you know I just basically free-styled it, go bar for bar, think of something, think of something. I feel like that created a better flow.

And I was on the tour for a lot of this mixtape too. So, I recorded a lot of the stuff on the road. I was in Europe… and then a lot in LA too. So, altogether it took almost a year, a year and a half.


WestCoast Keish: Is there anything else you’d like us to know before you go?

TeeCee4800: I just wanna really promote this mixtape. ‘Realness Over Millions 2‘, gonna be dropping on October 20th. I got a lot of good features on there with E-40, Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign, 24hrs, YG, G Perico … we takin’ over the West!








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