“I thank God everyday for my talents”


As the week draws to a close and the weekend festivities commence, we had the chance to catch up with the man of many talents, T.Taylor. When he’s not writing novels or otherwise expressing his God given talents, you can find the 22 year old working on his debut EP ‘Boys Just Wanna Have Fun.’ So, it was only right to spotlight him in this exclusive Hype Off Life interview!

During the interview, the New Haven, Connecticut artist let us in on his life, background and views, with thoughtful answers and insight that’s seriously lacking into today’s fast paced, social media driven world. It’s just rare that you meet somebody that takes the time to synthesize information and form their own thoughts and opinions on the matter at hand. So, to say this interview was refreshing would be an understatement. It’s always good to converse with people of different backgrounds, with different viewpoints, ya know. So, check in with T.Taylor below for his thoughts on New Haven, music videos that changed his life and a sneak peek at what’s next on his plate.

Also be sure to stick around ’til the end to hear the second lead single from ‘Boys Just Wanna Have Fun,‘ “Mona Lisa” that just dropped today. 🙌🏽


What was it like growing up in New Haven, CT ?

Growing up in New Haven, CT wasn’t a place a open minded – artistic individual deserved to be; my art was my escape from homophobia/ family struggles and so much more. It’s not a bad place but it’s a place that a lot of artists were born but do they live is the question?



Flashback to 10 years ago (2007), who could we find in your iPod the most?

Haha, Nicki Minaj’s Playtime Is Over Mixtape. I knew listening to her that she was different and was gonna change the world. She inspired me deeply as an artist. I also was a big fan of Ciara and Ashanti.



Which 3 music videos changed your life? How?

Smooth Criminal/ Thriller – By Michael Jackson / Missy Video’s ; Those videos inspired me to be creative and think outside the box when creating. I’m actually working on a secret project now. That I’m finally giving all my creative energy to. I can’t wait to share it with the world.



Although you’re only 22, you’ve lived a couple lives, from being an artist, an author and even signed to a talent agency. How does it feel to be able to exercise your creativity and do what you love on a regular basis?

A blessing. God is good. And I thank God everyday for my talents. He blessed me with this ” I have a purpose” mindset. And I continue to keep proving to myself first; how great of an artist I am.



Photographer: Chris Highsmith



What inspired you to write your first novel, “The Project of Being a Woman?”

Growing up around black women and how they’ve always made lemonade from lemons. That been the story of black culture; turning sour situations into something sweet ( adjusting). The act of adjusting is a beautiful tool.



What kind of content can we expect on your debut EP, ‘Boys Just Wanna Have Fun?’

Personal/ Growth/ Next level hip hop but still everything you want from a “rap” EP; I honestly think my ep goes beyond a ” rap” project. The tracks create visuals in the listener head and it opens a new dimension for you to co-exist in while listening. The project will be released in the first quarter of next of 2018. God has truly blessed me to feature some dope artists and the best production a boy can get it. I’m excited for ya’ll to hear it.



Aside from music, what else is next on your plate?

I’m working with a few companies, writing my 4th novel , starting new projects plus other things I can’t say. Allowing God to direct my career and just enjoying every chapter of this journey.

Thank you to everyone supporting me. I love ya’ll so much and thank you Hype Off Life for this dope interview!



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