After a successful mixtape (Black. Boy. Raps), T.Taylor returns with his debut EP entitled ‘Boys Just Wanna Have Fun.’ This project circles around his personal thoughts, feelings and new perspectives on self, rap, life, art and happiness. Although the EP officially drops next April, we caught up with T.Taylor to tap into his thought process behind the self-made cover. Catch his thoughts below.


Where did you draw the inspiration from for the cover of ‘Boys Just Wanna Have Fun?’

I recently was studying the comparison between humans and butterfly’s; I liked how we go from ugly situations to beautiful situations as we grow. The butterfly doesn’t become a butterfly overnight; it has to go through a metamorphosis. That’s how I viewed myself throughout the years and how I became the person I am.


Who designed it?

I did! I’m very hands-on with everything I do.

Who are the people on the cover?

Me at different ages and my grandmother’s ( one alive and one no longer alive) + my mommy.

How do you want it to be interpreted?

It’s truly up to the eyes of the beholder. The cover means my ” metamorphosis” in life. My journey to becoming the butterfly. The things that haunted me. The things that molded me. The things that made me love myself a little bit more in the morning.


We’re all excited to see what the EP brings! What type of vibes can we expect?

Everything. I give a little of everything on this EP. It goes beyond a rap project. I’m very much proud of this body of work.



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