You’re back with more heat before your debut album, ‘Boys Just Wanna Have Fun’ drops! What inspired you to give us an appetizer before the release?

I just been locking myself in my bathroom and writing. Life has been inspiring in many ways. This mixtape became a mixtape two days ago. I literally had this idea to drop a mixtape just to hold my supporters over until this ep drops.
Which I’m very proud of both bodies of work.


The Sza sample is dope. What’s your fav track on Ctrl, besides “Supermodel” and “The Weekend?”

Normal Girl, Garden ( say it ), Go Gina, 20 something, Drew Barrymore… literally the hold damn album ( haha) she really inspired me and even helped me push more into my personal experiences; during writing sessions and recording my pain, happiness, anger and sadness.



The “Soul Food” and “Set It Off” soundbites are other good additions to the vibe. What are some of your favorite #BlackExcellence movies from the 90s?

Omg so many. ” The Craft ” is #1 movie. Best Man, Two Can Play That Game, Set It Off, Love and Basketball, Soul Foul and the list goes on. ( haha)


Speaking of 90s movies, which one had the dopest soundtrack?

“Waiting to Exhale ” omg I can play that playlist anytime, anywhere. I love it so much.


We’re getting more 90’s vibes from ‘2 Hold U Over.’ artwork. What kind of aesthetic were you aiming for?

Freedom. The artwork just came to me mentally and I just designed it. The artwork was done before all tracks were recorded. I’m in such a different place as an artist. As people will tell from this body of work.


What’s one track off the project everybody should hear?

All of them ( haha) “The Craft” I was spitting that shit. Can’t wait to hear/ see everyone’s reactions.


One more thing before you go, when does ‘Boys Just Wanna Have Fun‘ drop again?!

4/6/18 And I can’t fucking wait! Thank you to everyone supporting me! I got sooo much dope shit coming. Thank you for this interview! As Jay-Z said “you can’t digest a body of work in one sitting.” So listen and listen closely the next play. I love ya’ll!




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