They couldn’t leave it at just the “Rap Up”, it was only a matter of time before this happened. It all started when VA Rapper Skillz a.k.a. Mad Skillz kicked off a series of year end recap tracks called the “Rap Up”. From almost all the events in Entertainment that made headlines for the year, Skillz would highlight them in his raps. The series of tracks gave him a lot of attention with many listeners making room in their playlists for it. Brooklyn Rapper Uncle Murda took it upon himself to kick off his own series of Rap Ups in later years and they also garnered much attention. While it caught the attention of Skillz, he kept on doing his thing and hinting at biters. Throughout the years, they have both sent shots. In 2018 however, they’ve both decided to battle it out.

Check out “Murdagram” by Skillz, and “Why You Mad” by Uncle Murda, and see who had the better diss track.

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