Sicknature (Sick. Nature.) came all the way through with his latest single “The Rapper, The Producer”. He’s one of the dopest underground MC’s to touch the mic. I said it. His style and delivery are aggressive, storytelling, gritty, grimy hip-hop shit. He can definitely stand toe to toe with the likes of Sean Price (R.I.P), Joel Ortiz and Ghostface Killah, who both continue to hold down East Coast hip hop in their own rights. The craziest part of it is, Sicknature doesn’t hail from the East Coast, or West Coast, nor Down South. THIS DUDE IS FROM COPENHAGEN, DENMARK! While I know hip hop is international, I couldn’t help but be blown the hell away.

The Rapper, The Producer solidly brags on Sicknature’s skills as both a lyricist and producer. Unlike a lot of artists who both rap and produce but are stronger in one area than the other, Sicknature proves that he can hold his own, producing equally as well as he raps. The visuals brilliantly go hand in hand with the music, while the production immerses you into the lyrics. Press play and zone out.


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