From passionate ballads to bedroom bangers, Sammie returns with a new album, ‘Coming of Age.’The 13 track, independent release features the previously released, Rick Ross assisted, “Good Life,” as well as “Too Long” and “Bad Gal.” Not to mention an appearance from California’s own, Eric Bellinger.

As far as subject matter goes, Sammie touches on a variety of topics, all involving the intricacies of mature love. Situations we’ve all been through, like fearing loneliness, coming back from broken trust due to infidelity and wanting to settle down after growing tired of hitting the scene. Plus, straight up R. Kelly-like, freak nasty jams (see “Tsunami” and “Show and Tell”).

In addition to top notch production, I’m feeling the way Sammie keeps it all the way real with honesty found throughout the album, but especially on the opening track “COA.” Plus, the references to girl group chats and Instagram hookups keep the album relevant to the digitally connected times we’re in now. Overall, I’d have to say ‘Coming of Age‘ is highly relatable, repeat worthy and playlist friendly. Catch the stream below. Or pick up a copy on iTunes HERE. 🙌🏽






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