New York City’s Princess Nokia comes through with a double feature visual off her critically acclaimed, ‘1992 Deluxe‘ album, “Bart Simpson & Green Line.” As you know, her music is already dope, so to put a visual to it is just icing on the cake.

For all of us into our retro vibes, the double-length feature plays like your favorite East Coast-based, 90s hood movie (think Fresh and Kids), as it follows Princess Nokia from a mundane day at school to a 40 oz and blunt filled kickback, ending with an adventurous day in the city, complete with navel piercings and the OG starter jacket. With raw raps, vivid imagery and a brash, not giving a f*ck attitude, we’d have to say Princess Nokia has been the one to check for. So peep “Bart Simpson & Green Line” above and ‘1992 Deluxe‘ below for fresh new sounds.


Bart Simpson produced by: BENAMIN
Green Line produced by: David Doman
Directed by: Destiny Frasqueri and Milah Libin
Cinematography: Travis Libin




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