As told by T.Taylor:

I’m deeply in love and inspired by Sza‘s ‘CTRL‘ album. I play it like every day and the lyrics become more and more like a prayer to me. I’ve been eyeing these two instrumentals (Super Model/ The Weekend) and I wanted to put my own twist on them; I’ve been allowing myself to create from days I felt “Ugly” or days I felt that I defined sex and It didn’t define me. I’m not afraid to record a song about my heartbreak or the greatest climax I’ve had.

I have these collections of songs in my head that I feel tell a story. I also wanted to include more pop culture (as I always do) in my art. Far as the artwork creation; Miranda Killgallen from “As Told By Ginger” came into mind. I always loved her character growing up.  Her being a woman of color and maybe not being able to be as free as she liked. Maybe not being able to call that boy she likes because she doesn’t know if he likes black girls or not. Her own battles with finding her attractiveness. Owning what separated her from most but still tending to the soil of who she is. Often black characters are forgotten and I wanted her to know I didn’t forget you.


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