After a successful release overseas, Louisiana’s Ollie Gabriel unleashed his debut single “Running Man” in the States. The highly infectious and energetic track touches on following your dreams and overcoming obstacles, set to Ollie’s classic soul vocals.

The video itself features the Paralympic athlete Blake Leeper. Leeper was born missing both of his lower legs, yet the American was equipped with prosthetics at the age of 9 months. At the Paralympic Games in London in 2012, Blake managed to earn a silver and a bronze medal, in two different sprint disciplines – there is not a more obvious and authentic metaphor for Gabriel’s message. “I can only imagine how many times he’s been told he can’t do something. But look at what he’s done!” “Running Man” is directed at everybody who has big goals and feels disheartened or alone on the their way there. “I hope that this song pushes someone to keep going.“ So, check it out and always remember to keep going!



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