Atlanta-Kansas City based artist, dancer and author Ogechi delivers a powerful visual from her debut EP ‘Intersectional Blvckness,’ “Blvck + Womvn.” Set at a rural gas station, the video follows the main character dancing her heart out to bystanders paying no attention, over raw bass as Ogechi boldly rides the beat with wisdom and perspective only a Black woman can give.

Unlike other predictable visuals, I had no idea where “Blvck + Womvn” was going. So, it threw me for a loop when it ended with the main character being ended by no other than the Black man. Which goes along with the track’s goal of delving into “the intersecting oppressions Blvck Womvn must face and survive through daily.”

Overall, I’d have to say “Blvck + Womvn” shows Ogechi’s strength in storytelling and putting on for Black culture. And as a Black woman myself, I can’t wait to see what else Ogechi brings. Get into the vibe above. ✊🏾




Director/DP: Dylan Hahn (@redtopstudios)
Producer/1st AC: Megan Collante (@newtogger)
Stedicam/Colorist: Hudson Stafford (@hudsonstafford)
Dancer: Kynnedi Jai (@kynnedijai)

Producer: MaxxMarvel (@maxxmarvel)
Audio Engineer: MaxxMarvel
Studio: 825 Studios (@825studios)


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