“Success to me is higher achievements from the last one.”


ArkHouse Music Group’s Nomad Carlos came through this week to kick off our first interview of the summer. 🙌🏽 In just 7 questions we chopped it up about everything, from moving to New York and his definition of success to how he knew music was his calling. Catch the full interview below and be sure to stick around ’til the end to hear Nomad Carlos‘ new track, “Back Home,” featuring Five Steez.





I know you were young when you moved to Jamaica from the States with your parents, but what kind of influence did America have on your musical taste?

Well, I moved to Jamaica when I was 5 years old. At that age I wasn’t preeing music haha. But with cable and the radio, hip hop & r&b music was always being played. The radio of course focused on dancehall and reggae but the foreign music always get play and I think it also influenced how Jamaicans approach music.


Dancehall music in the 90s used to sing over melodies of the top songs on billboard back then. So overall I think we all influenced by music worldwide in Jamaica. As for me though, my mother used to buy CDs a lot. Every weekend the house would just be booming wid music. And I used to always try sneak in something I wanted whenever she would go buy some music.


I was a hip hop head when I became of age to understand it. First album I bought myself was Busta Rhymes – ‘When Disaster Strikes.’ And on top of that my cousins were very into it, and they rapped as well. So, it definitely had an impact on me and I got deeper into the music from there. I love reggae and dancehall music, but hip hop just felt more natural for me.



Who were some of your favorite American artists while growing up?

I could go on and on.. But I’ll say Nas, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Mobb Deep (RIP P), Ghostface Killah, Big Pun, Pac, BIG, Xzibit, Eminem, Noreaga. Just off the top those artists I’d say I studied their albums at some point.




When did you know you wanted to pursue music as a career?

Well I picked up the pen in High School. My bregrin Five Steez was the first rapper I knew in my age group. We eventually formed a group which also included Sosa. I think from there I knew we could pursue music once we got better at what we were doing given the limited resources we had haha.


But I’d say when I left High School, it was set in my mind that I wanna do music for real. And from there I did a lot of stuff locally in Jamaica from dropping albums and EPs to putting on shows for the local hip hop scene back then. So now, I just make music wid my peoples and whoever wanna work. I learned a lot over the years and I’m good with just doing this shit for the respect for now. Until we get to that next level.



What influenced your decision to move to New York?

Lack of opportunity in Jamaica really. In terms of a career to make money from. And since I was born here in the states I knew at some point I was gonna come back and explore some opportunities and set myself up to succeed in life. I didn’t want to be in my parents house struggling to find a job to make my ends meet all the time.



Who are some of your favorite artists and producers to collab with?

I like collabing with Sosa. We have a chemistry from back in the days when we had our group. We make a lot of music together and thats always cool. I like rapping with my council collective as well. That’s always a good vibes. Iron sharpen iron.




Which 3 tracks get the most play on your playlist right now?

I don’t really listen to anything right now honestly. I just started listening to the new Jay Z recently. 4:44. I think that shit is dope. Other than that, umm.. Just my peers really. My tune “In Us we Trust”, Five Steez “Bergkamp” and The Council “Valhalla Doctrine” Feat Tha God Fahim.



How do you define success?

Success to me is higher achievements from the last one. So once you keep climbing and reaching new levels, your succeeding. Can be a slow process and it can be a fast one. Right now, any new fan gained is a success to me.


When my music touches people to the point they gotta reach out and be like “that’s hot” then I feel i’m succeeding. That shit keeps me going. True success would be when i’m at a point where I got a huge following that supports my work and allow me to eat independently.





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