Miguel released his new album ‘War & Leisure‘ in early December and from beginning to end the album didn’t disappoint.

War & Leisure is Miguel’s best album to date thus far. And that’s saying so much due to the fact that ‘Wildheart’ was remarkable; ‘Kaleidoscope Dream was astounding as well and his debut album ‘All I Want Is You faired well against those three.

The smooth voice artist from Los Angeles has the dexterity to make awesome singles for his albums. “Sky Walker” featuring Travis Scott is one of those fearsome singles that I enjoy listening to.

Overall, this album puts me in a phenomenal mood just like the other albums. With features from prestige’s artist like Rick Ross and J. Cole, the album doesn’t disappoint.

All 12 tracks on ‘War & Leisure’ are really good. However, I do have my 3 favorite songs from the album that I will share.

My Top 3 are Wolf, City of Angels and Now.

Wolf has an old school 70’s rock type of vibe. It’s actually the most enjoyable song to listen to.

Secondly, “City of Angels” is such a great song. It reminds me of Hollywood Dreams from his ‘Wildheart’ album.

Lastly, Now is a song that relates to the problems of the world today. It’s very inspiring and the guitar playing the background really sets the tone.



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