This week we catch up with Hype Off Life homie, Mellah Nix for an in-depth interview on his life, inspiration and living outside the Matrix. I know you’ve seen his work on the site before. But do you really know Mellah Nix as an artist?


Born of a diverse background including Haitian, African Bantu, Chippewa, and Irish ancestry, Mellah Nix felt his true call to music at an early age, drawing influence from his blues-loving grandfather from Mississippi. From sketch pads to crafting design, his hands were always busy and involved in mixed media ventures.


Before his mother’s tragic murder at the hands of his stepfather, she gifted him the sobriquet of Picasso, likening him to the legendary cubist painter, and told him: “Your world is your own, let people see what you see”. After the heartbreaking incident, Mellah Nix went to live with grandparents in Chicago, where he came to true form.


Mellah Nix only moves at one speed, ventra à terre, and his artistry spans from resident artist at Art Studio Miami to working with media artist legends such as Kehinde Wiley on his “Faux Real” exhibition and having his contributions appear in Art in America Magazine. Recently, Mellah Nix endeavored to transition from visual to aural stylings, and released a mixtape unlike anything seen in our current times, ‘Sp8ceRap.’


These days, you can find the talented artist on SoundCloud, Audiomack and here on Hype Off Life. So, catch his exclusive interview below and be sure to support the movement at @mellahnix777.


Where does the name Mellah Nix originate from?

The name Mellah Nix came from the fact that Facebook didn’t allow me to use my old moniker Morfene….. So as i was walking one day the name Mellah Nix came to me it was a voice in my head 🔥🔥🔥

The name Mellah was a place the Turkish Muslims allowed the Jews to live based on theyre work ethic also Mellah can be a feminine name and I do Create
El can mean God.

Nix comes from my name Nick which is Greek which means victory for the people as does Nike it’s a derivative of that So El Nix or Mellah Nix means God’s victory ✌and I’m always working like my Jewish Bros and sisters in this artistic community, Shalom 😘



You’re very cultured, drawing inspiration and influence from anime to rock. Where do you think that stems from?

That’s because my Grandfather was a Great inspiration and a Definite Blues Man real rugged style all his own I actually recorded my 1st freestyle with him I was also raised on Led Zeppelin
And alot of classic rock my mother and my uncles played it ALOT….. ESPECIALLY THE SONG TAKE A WALK ON THE WILD SIDE 😊 plus I’m not plugged into what’s what yah mean ➕😂😂😂😂



When did you know you weren’t like the masses?

I knew I wasn’t a follower when I used to Cypher with cats back in Chicago and was told your different and in NEW YORK I was told you SON you got bars ya whole steel and delivery is ILL 🔥🔥🔥
SO I kept at it 😉



What was it like having to transition from living in Columbus, Ohio to Chicago after the death of your mother from the hands of your stepfather? What kind of outlets did you use to deal with the grief?

After my mom’s murder I turned to old skool hip hop like beastie boys, stets a sonic, etc. And I dealt with it by reading Bible stories 📖 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥#GOALS



How does it feel to be living life on your own terms, doing what you love with no regrets or self-consciousness.

I love not being in the matrix 👌




What’s your definition of success or do you feel you’re already living it?

I am a success and still continuing my success it isn’t all about the $$$$$ if you can see it then its there.





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