As you may know, nothing great is built without solid relationships, mutual respect and an insane amount of hustle. After chopping it up a bit over recent months, we’d have to say Manchester’s Kill Miami embodies all 3, making a name for himself in the UK underground, as well as mainstream hip-hop scene.

When it comes to cultivating relationships in an often “every man for himself” industry,  the United Kingdom-based producer/DJ is well-versed. Working with prominent artists like Raekwon, KRS-One and West Coast’s own Daylyt. So, it only made sense to get his thoughts on connecting with those dope individuals you’ve always dreamed of working with and overcoming the accompanying fear of rejection.

Plus, we also delved into other interesting facts such as the origin of his name, current state of the UK’s underground scene and the all-important answer to the question of how he defines success.

So, read on and be sure to peep the exclusive Kill Miami, Manchester All-Stars Minimix made especially for Hype Off Life at the end. 🙌🏽



How did you get the name Kill Miami?

Unfortunately, the story isn’t really that exciting, my real name is Phil and I’d always liked the idea of having Kill in my alias as it rhymes so that’s how I got the Kill. Then for the Miami, I was listing off things it could be like brands, items, countries etc then listed off Kill Miami and it kinda stuck.



What is the underground Hip Hop scene like in the United Kingdom?

Thriving!! Especially in recent years I feel our hip hop scene is starting to create its own sound and persona. Whereas spitting with the English accent was previously frowned upon, I feel like its being championed now. Artists such as Iamddb, AJ Tracey, Akala, Dave, Just Banco, Aystar, M Huncho, Mic Righteous are really pushing the wave forward.





When did you know you wanted to be a producer?

I think I’d always been into music and creating but when I was like 16 and made my first real beat that’s when I realized this is what I want to do as a career.



You’ve worked with major and upcoming artists like Raekwon, KRS-One and LA’s own, Daylyt. How did those opportunities come about?

Each one has been from different circumstances, there hasn’t been a certain key to success as such, although pretty much all of them have been from me hitting the artist up and just putting myself out there. It’s very much been a case of trial and error, sending beats daily and hoping some of them will land. For example with Daylyt, I sent him 6 beats to his email, didn’t hear back for 2 months then I got a reply saying he was in in the studio recording to one of them.



A lot of people fear rejection when hitting up prominent artists. Did you ever experience this?

Every single day. I mean, I try to send around 100 emails per day, this could be either press releases, beat submissions or just plain introducing myself but I do still get turned down for things, not only beats but certain blogs might not feel my style. You have to just realize that you can’t please everyone and one mans garbage is another treasure.





What advice do you have for people when making important connections?

Be professional, don’t be sending copy & pasted messaged to people’s Facebook inbox expecting to land connections. Practically every artist will have a contact email in their bio on their social media’s, write yourself an intro to who you are, where you from, keep it brief and send it to that email. Also, be patient, I sent Shady Records over 150 beats through a 10 month period before they signed one!!



Aside from yourself, what producer do you think hustles hardest right now?

Too many to name but here’s a few… Glue70, James Killeen, Tom Orchison, Ekali, Josh Pan and many many more.


How do you define success?

Being able to make a living of doing what you enjoy, whether that be music, acting, building, whatever makes you happy. If you can sustain a life and pay bills through those means, in my eyes that’s success.




Kill Miami Manchester All Stars Minimix


Kin Kai x Glue 70 – Roll The Dice
Children of Zeus – Still Standing
Kill Miami x Ashley Dominique – In Line
[K S R] – Visions
Jeremiah – Pull Up (Kill Miami Bootleg)
Felix Howell-Black – Fallin’
Kill Miami x Iamddb – Teardrops (Feat. Mugun)
Kill Miami – Yatta! (Masa Mura)
Iamddb x Inka – Leaned Out (Kotone Remix)


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