Be prepared to get your ears knocked out by the young and talented KayOh LA. A young rapper from Lynwood, CA who strives to differentiate himself from other rappers and explores different sounds and styles…





I was able to have a brief interview with KayOh LA to give ya’ll a better and inside look of who he is.



What made you want to pursue music?

Um, I think I was really into the entertainment business since I was little. My goal was to act or make movies, but then one of my friends told me that I should record a song so I tried it, never took it serious tho, until I actually started hitting him up randomly saying “Let’s make music”, so ever since then I’d just been into so many genres of music!


Who is your inspiration ?

Dang. I have a lot honestly but my top five that truly inspire me to make music are: Kendrick Lamar, Tory Lanez, Lil Uzi Vert and Myself. Haha I’m just kidding. But yeah, those five are my inspiration.





What is your goal?

My main, main goal is to make it big. For me to actually be a legend for people to remember who I was, you know, but mainly to blow up so my mom and dad don’t have to go to work, and so my sister and brother could go to any university and pay it off for them and for my girl and any of my future kids to have whatever they want. That’s my goal ! Also, so I can bring all my family from El Salvador to live out here without struggling. That’s one of my main goals.



How long have you been in the game?

I’ve been in this game since Dinosaurs were alive ha. Nah I’m just playing, but I’ve been in this game since 6th grade. It was on and off because I’d always use to write or freestyle when I was in class while ignoring the teacher’s’ lecture. However, this is when I actually started to take it serious and this year was where I kept getting blessed with shows back-to-back.




If you weren’t doing music, what do you think you’d be doing?

Well if I wasn’t doing music I’d probably be getting into trouble with the law and sh*t. I’d probably be fighting. I honestly don’t know or I’d probably just stick to acting or make movies.




KayOh LA recently opened up for Chief Keef at The Observatory in Santa Ana. He has also worked with Self provoked, Pnb Rock, Famous Dex , Rich the Kid, Jay Critch, and more.



Check out KayOh LA on Soundcloud and stay connected with him on Instagram @Kayoh.LA


“It’s crazy tho cause the crowd always fucks with us. Like shit, it’s the best feeling especially when people know your lyrics and start a mosh pit to your songs, or when the crowd goes crazy for us! It’s the best feeling ever!”

KayOh LA



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