If you weren’t old enough to know the impact or just out of the loop at the time, we got you on a classic throwback of Kanye West on Def Poetry Jam. Reciting lines from what would go on to be popular cuts off ‘The College Dropout‘ and ‘Late Registration,’ this video shows Kanye’s growth from being an upcoming rapper, proclaiming he’ll be the best-dressed rapper in the game, to being the best-dressed rapper in the game and so much more.

I always think its crazy to see an artist’s progression, from visualizing and prophesizing their success to actually living it. We’ve seen it before in countless artists of today, like Big Sean and Dej Loaf to those of my generation, such as  Jay-Z, Puff Daddy (aka Love) and Kanye.

The point is you gotta speak that sh*t into existence and actually believe what you’re putting out into the universe. Otherwise, you’ll just be another a hot bag of air, wasting everybody’s time, especially the ones that actually believe in you …



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