The Hip Hop culture has never died down in Jamaica, it continues to grow stronger every year. With the new era of Hip Hop making its move in the US, Jamaican Artists have been adapting parts of it in their music, and bringing their own special twists to the genre. One of the acts doing it for a while is Montego Bay based Rapper Chance with his latest project, the “Indelible Colours EP”. Featuring 6 tracks, Chance makes music for those who are about the night life, those who make moves on the low, and those who want some chill vibes. For those who aren’t familiar with this side of the music scene in Jamaica, we urge you to press play. The Artist promises to drop more music this year as he made some noise last year with the single, “Chill Suite“. Enough talking, get some “Indelible Colours” in your life.

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Art By @KokaBZD

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