From Malaysia to LA, hip hop singer-songwriter/entrepreneur, Hunny Madu teams up with rising star Radio3000 for another hustler’s anthem, “Get Money.” The international collab, which was produced by Oregon’s Jay Tablet and Bennett delivers relatable bars on Hunny Madu and Radio3000’s struggle to rise from nothing to the something they are today.

“It’s not a flashy song saying ‘Look at what I have, look at how much money I make.’ but it’s more about ‘Look, I’m here, you’re here. Let’s all get money together.” Hunny expresses. She adds “I’m all about chasing happiness and loving what I do for work, but realistically, money matters and we gotta get it.”

Radio echoes the same sentiment and believes that this collaboration between an American and Malaysian rapper makes the song different, although they have the same intention, “I feel like we’re both artists on the rise and we’re beyond just chasing fame – we also have to get the money to support our dreams.” So, catch the cinematic video above and def add to your “Get Money” playlist!


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