If anyone has had a busy year, its been South Central’s G Perico. Bringing us back to Los Angeles to show us Gangsta Rap is far from over he recently blessed us with ‘2 Tha Left,’ his third project of the year. The 15-track album is a West Coast Gangsta Rap slash smooth weekend-cruising hybrid. On the Polyester produced “Send Her Home”, G and Curren$y reassure some of their homies that their wives/baby-mommas/girlfriends will be returning sometime later tonight. So don’t trip! Track 12 “Amerikkka” gives us a much different vibe however. We get G’s perspective on politics, police brutality, and being Black in the USA. “I’m like fuck a cop, fuck police, when your Black don’t trust police…”. A post simply doesn’t do the album any justice, so bring the Jheri curls out, hop in your ride and stream ‘2 The Left’ on Spotify.




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