I’ve been fuckin with hip hop a long time. Even though I’m Cali born and bred, East Coast music has always had a place deep in my heart. Most of these rap dudes have moved away from the times of State Property, Jay-Z, Mobb Deep, and so many more artists that kept the East on the map. Dropping his latest single, “Better With Time,” Philly native Dell-P is the voice the culture needs to bring the East Coast back to life.

Dell-P’s lyricism and delivery, matched with Just Blaze production took me back to summer 2002 when guys rocked fitted caps, cornrows and Pro Club long white tees. A time when the East Coast released nothing but fire; REGULARLY! “Better With Time provides a sense of nostalgia with a modern spin that doesn’t compromise Just Blaze’s well known symphonic production style, allowing Dell-P the sound needed to remain authentic in the world of mumble rap and trap music. Plug in the aux and get blown away.


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