Corinthian W., Founder of 3rd Eye Booking Company Details Mississippi Music Scene, Future of His Creation & What It Takes to Make It In the Industry (Interview)


If you’re in the know (or follow us on IG), you already know about 3rd Eye Booking Company: the only booking company that matters. But you might not know the backstory behind its creation. Or even more importantly, its founder, Corinthian W. Which is why Hype Off Life is here to help you fill in the blanks.

3rd Eye Booking Company is an independent booking agency started in Jackson, Mississippi and Los Angeles, CA by Corinthian W. in 2012 (formerly known as Since the rise of their annual 3rd Eye Music festival, underground concerts in many popular cities, and a long roster of artists that tour the United States, Japan, and United Kingdom consistently, 3rd Eye Booking Company is aiming to become a successful independent empire of its own.

Dope, we know. So, it was only right to bring you this interview. Not only because it’s up to us to curate the culture and leave it out the hands of opportunists, but for the fact that if you want to be successful, you have to study those that are already where you want to be. And we’d have to say Corinthian W. is pretty damn successful in his own right and well on his way to building that empire. So, catch his views on what it takes to make it and see why 3rd Eye Booking Company is the one to check for from ’18 ’til …




What’s the music scene like in your home state, Mississippi?


The music scene in Mississippi is very conservative to gospel and blues. Mainly because its the true birthplace of that southern genre. Therefore, it gets most of the state’s support system. Let’s remember, Mississippi has a long history of struggle. So, of course, the blues is for those who are experiencing it and gospel is for those who want to be motivated by their religion. Hip-hop and everything else related to it falls in a very small percentage. You will really have to dissect to find those cities that has a scene for it, which isn’t big at all compared to the majority of many places in the United States. It is smart to tour if you fall within that genre. That’s the same with rock genres. If I was a blues artist in Mississippi, I’d probably went platinum by now.




What inspired you to start your own booking company?


Building my own tours as Jhamasa Corinthian was my inspiration. It first started off as me and my bandmate Jhamasa booking our own shows. It was crazy because we knew nothing about booking. We just took our college skills for building portfolios and resumes and made sense of it when it came to submission. Before it was 3rd Eye Booking Company, we use to be a blog called that started in 2012. It would cover the music scene in many cities as well as fashion, the car scene and photography. I had writers and promo girls who would sell merch at concerts we would purchase vending slots at. However, the money started looking funny. The market was so oversaturated with clothing lines at that time. I then wanted to figure out what I could use my music skills, booking, and marketing skills for? I combined it all and started 3rd Eye Booking Company in 2014. Just changed it all over. There are still Dope-Shish elements in 3rd Eye Booking Company. We still have merch and some of the guidelines are still the same. I even turned my promo girls and writers into booking agents. It’s a weird transition: A blog to a booking agency, but I know I made the right decision. We enjoy it. We love helping artists grow. We are proud to be the agency to put an artist on their first tour. I’ve even gave some artists their first shows ever. I know this is our calling, or at least mine.



How do you manage to manage your
current roster of over 30 artists?


They are all split among the agency. Each one of my booking agents handles a handful of artists. It’s not a hard job. It’s a very demanding job. You have to treat and care about an artist’s career like it’s yours. We have artists that MUST do shows to survive. Therefore, you always have to be alert and ready. Every day and every hour is a work day. We can have a band in London or Japan doing a show during our sleeping hours. Therefore, we get no sleep those nights. A lot of sleepless nights. You also have to check up on a band’s personal life. I know that sounds crazy, but you have to make sure a band or group is still a band so we can all move on as a team. I have bands who deal with problems at home or among their members. You have to figure it all out together. Decision-making skills is a plus in this company when it comes to artists. Sometimes we have to let people go, but sometimes we can bring them back. At the end of the day, we want to see them all thrive so we can thrive.





What do you look for in artists that
want to be represented by 3rd Eye Booking Company?


Hardwork is a plus. Dedication to your career. Always ready to make moves. Branding and quality is important. Your brand has to on point. We don’t really care if we like the music or not. Its all about what the people want to see and hear. I have artists on my roster that I still can’t understand. But their branding is in order. They are always ready to work. Therefore, I choose to not be bias. We just started picking up country as well as a cellist, a pianist, acoustic solo artists and even a brass band. If people like it, all we have to do is know how to sell it. We have more alternative/punk bands and chill- electronic artists than any genre.




What advice do you have for people wanting to
get in and be successful in the industry?


Travel the world as much as possible so you can get an outlook of whats out there. Do a lot of research. Don’t be afraid to invest. Don’t be afraid to lose. Don’t stop when you do lose, because losing is important to understanding. Don’t have too much pride to sell yourself or your brand. Don’t be lazy. Clock into your career everyday like you’ll clock in Walmart, but want to be there. Rather you make a dollar today or $1000 tomorrow, make sure you treat it all like its always worth it. You never know whats gonna happen. I learned not make excuses anymore. This industry isn’t suppose to be easy. You just have to find your world and run it.



Aside from your roster, who gets
the most play in your sound system?


I listen to a lot of music that soothes my brain. Being hypothyroid takes a lot of energy out of me regarding thinking for some reason. Sade is my favorite artists. I listen to a lot of her. There is really no genre I don’t like. I love chill electronic music. Especially those European artists from the late 90s and early 2000s. Telepopmusik, Zero 7, Royksopp, etc. When it comes to rap, I do listen to some mainstream artists who are now trending. I like what Migos bring to the table. I still listen to Kendrick Lamar’s underground music. A lot of underground hip-hop artists like Xavier Wulf gets a lot of my attention. But the most rap that’s played in my sound system is that from the 90s. Nas, 2pac, Mobb Deep, Wutang, 8Ball and MJG, 3 Six Mafia, UGK and much of that from the golden era.



Before you go, are you working on anything else
dope that we should know about?


We are working on another music festival in Southern California. We are working on dropping a look-book for merch. We want to pick up bigger names. We have a few so far such as Mike Jones. And oh, we want to start working with independent film companies. Help them tour their independent films. We are actually working on a project with an independent director/screenwriter for 2018. There are a lot of dope things to this brand and that can be added to the brand. I can give you a long list of what me and my staff talk about very often. But we try to focus on making sure the artists stay on stage, so some things have to wait. I’m sure there will be a time when it all comes together like we want it to be. The whole world would see it then. Peace and be great!





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