This week we chop it up with Chucc Schwartz to discuss his new project ‘3303: District Vibes‘ and get his thoughts about growing up in one of the most infamous areas of Los Angeles, the Crenshaw District. For this particular interview, we decided to keep it 100 by filming it on no other than Crenshaw Blvd, which is currently under construction due to the new Metro line being put in.

If you’re not in LA, the project has people either loving or hating the idea due to it’s impact on local businesses and the community as a whole. But, that’s a whole other story in itself… Catch the interview below to discover what album changed Chucc’s life, as well as his idea of being in the game purely for the love of good music. And if you haven’t already, catch ‘3303: District Vibes‘ on your favorite streaming platform (or below). Haha.






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