Brotha Meech and his crew College Buddiez come in the spirit of Chaka Khan & Rufus, The Brand New Heavies, The Black Eyed Peas, even Prince and the Revolution. Why is it in these perilous times do we not see music groups of different races and genders? ‘No Concerns’ attempts to break those color barriers and unwritten genre rules to introduce a modern sound with fresh figurines who dare to take music in a new direction.


Newcomer Rachel Mershon steps to the lead and injects a smooth vocal that could be labeled as a cross between Lana Del Ray and Mary J. Blige. Normally it’s the flip side of things where the rapper takes the verse and the crooner or diva the chorus but not with this one. Brotha Meech energizes a catchy hook that will have you singing in unison after the first listen. ‘No Concerns’ comes off of the sophomore release by Brotha Meech entitled ‘MEECH 2020’ but is also an introduction to College Buddiez as they ready their first release coming this fall.


College Buddiez collectively includes Brotha Meech, Rachel Mershon, C. Farls, and producer P.T. The E.T. The group was forged on the campus of Radford University (Radford, VA) where they all attended and graduated. A diverse group of musicians and songwriters, Brotha Meech brought each component together with the desire to create something different that merges the musical component from each member’s culture.


According to Brotha Meech, “I’m hoping that more people awaken to shun the racist atmosphere that is present in this country. I want people to see that we can create superior art when working together and not separate. Music is one of God’s creations that brings us all closer together. I’m hoping to achieve that with ours.” Catch the pivotal video above.



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