Good music never dies. It may fade from the public “ear”. It may lose it’s weight in today’s pop culture. But undeniably it lives forever. At least once a year we get a dope a$$ hit with some crazy old school influence and either everybody loses their head if the song blows up (FYI half the time the younger generation has no clue where it even came from) or instead I end up having an unplanned solo concert in LA traffic.

Everywhere in the world, but especially here on the coast we know the influence those vinyl classics that came before our time had on our Hip Hop culture in the 1990s.

Thanks to this wonderful thing we call the internet, I’ve come across the retro sounds of The APX, an electric duo that sounds like they were transported from 1988. Members, Dee Rhodes and Erika Rhodes are husband and wife. Their synth filled tracks sound like something our Uncles would jam to back in the day while asking us “Whatcha know about this youngin?” and you’d have to just look at them and give them that awkward, fake laugh. You know which one.

“Lose Yourself to the Groove” and “Right on Time” off APX’s debut project ‘Electric Funk,’ are killers. What I find most impressive is the fact the music doesn’t sound dated. The mixing of their tracks and their voices keep it very authentic and prevent that from happening. I’m no pro but it must be hard to pull that off. After this discovery of mine, it leaves me wondering 2 things, I wonder what other unlistened-to music is out there for me to hear and can these vintage influenced species of artist possibly exist in the Hip Hop world?



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